Risks Of Vaginal Treatment – A Detailed Guide To Help You Decide

Know The Risks Of Vaginal Treatment Before Choosing One

Going back to the glorious days of youth will give immense pleasure to everyone, both men and women. Women will be able to have a better shapely figure, firm breasts, tight vagina and better libido if they go back to their youthful days.

What are the available treatments for women with big vaginas to get tight vaginas? What are the serious health issues and risks of vaginal treatment? Before deciding for weird looking vagina cosmetic surgery, estrogen therapy – pills, creams, patches or vaginal suppositories, read this to know the best way to tighten up your vagina!
Risks of vaginal treatment

Are you a woman with loose vagina? Are you wondering which vaginal tightening treatment will suit you? Before opting for a treatment you should know the risks of vaginal treatment because the side effects can cause serious health issues.

What are the various options of vaginal treatment and what are the risks involved?

Surgery to tighten up your vagina

Vaginoplasty and its side effects

It is the vaginal rejuvenation surgery. It is one of the cosmetic surgeries for women. It has been gaining a lot of popularity in the recent days. Surgeries should always be considered as the last option. Vaginoplasty is no exception to this. Why is it so? Why should vaginoplasty be the last retort for tightening of large vagina? It is because of its side effects. What are the possible side effects?

  • Sexual side effects include pain during intercourse, loss of feeling, decreased lubrication and hypersensitivity etc.
  • Cosmetic side effects include scarring, change in size of clitoris, change in vagina shape, change in vagina size and keloids etc.
  • Psychological side effects include depression and regret etc.
  • Temporary side effects like mild bleeding, bruising, clitoral scab, nausea and allergic reaction are common.

Labiaplasty and its side effects

This procedure involves the removal of excess tissue from the labia minora. This surgery is not recommended unless it is proven that the benefits are more than the risks. What are the risks involved?

  • Scarring to affect good looking vagina
  • Change in the sensation of your vaginal area
  • Delayed wound healing that can affect you physically and psychologically
  • Development of allergic reactions leading to additional treatment
  • Risk of chronic pain due to the nerves getting trapped in scarred vaginal tissue
  • Swelling of labia that may change the looks of vagina and cause weird looking vagina

The side effects of vaginal surgeries are numerous and scary. Do you want to know about the risks of other vaginal treatment options?

Estrogen therapy

Estrogen deficiency is one of the main causes for vaginal looseness. To tighten your vagina you have to increase estrogen level. Estrogen therapy helps in increasing the estrogen levels. There are many types of estrogen therapy. What are their side effects and risks?

  1. Estrogen pills – This is referred to as the oral estrogen therapy. What are the risks of vaginal treatment using estrogen pills? Estrogen pills increase the risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and heart attack. The side effects include swollen breasts, painful breasts, vaginal discharge and nausea etc.
  2. Estrogen patches – They are skin patches. They are to be worn in your lower abdomen. The patch should be changed once a week. The risks of estrogen skin patches are not as severe as the risks caused by oral estrogen therapy. However, the risk of cancer and stroke is not ruled out. The risk of allergic reaction on the skin is high for women with sensitive skin.
  3. Estrogen creams – They are topical creams. Estrogen enters the blood stream through the skin. Some creams are applied on the arm and some are applied on the legs. The amount of estrogen that enters the body is low. The side effects are also not very serious but the risks of allergies are there.
  4. Vaginal suppositories – They include vaginal tablets, vaginal rings and vaginal creams. All of them are applied to vagina directly. They cause risks of cancer and stroke. It is not recommended by most physicians because of the risk of endometrial cancer.

Is there a way to avoid the risks and side effects?

The risks of vaginal treatment are high. How can you tighten your vagina wall without much side effects? You should tighten your vagina naturally. How to tighten your vagina naturally?

The most recommended treatment options – without the risks and side effects

available options without any side effectsThere are several ways to tighten vagina wall muscles naturally without surgery and without estrogen therapy. Estrogen therapy is done with synthetic estrogen.

If your estrogen levels are increased naturally in your body, you will have the same positive effects of vaginal tightening without the risks and side effects. There are several herbs and natural ingredients that increase estrogen naturally but the main problem is that they are not easy to find.

Most of them are grown only in South East Asian countries. The good news is that these natural estrogen increasing ingredients are added in natural vaginal tightening products like natural vaginal tightening gels and vaginal tightening tablets.

Which natural treatment products work best?

The best examples for natural vaginal tightening products are V Tight Gel and Vagifirm etc. The biggest advantage is that they contain 100% natural ingredients and are safe to use. They are sold online with guarantee of effectiveness.

They seem to be the best way to tighten your vagina. Let your loose vagina become tight and let you go back to your glorious youthful days with the help of these natural treatment products – VAGIFIRM and V Tight Gel. Try them as early as possible.