Causes Of Loose Vagina Walls – Unfurled Facts That You Ought To Know

Know The Causes Of Loose Vagina Walls To Solve The Problem

Do vaginas get loose – why has my vagina become loose? A big loose vagina is a nightmare for most of the women because it affects them physically, mentally and socially. People around you are sure to misguide you about the causes.

Some of them may be facts but others maybe myths. You should know all real facts about the causes of loose vagina walls if you do want to find a solution to solve the problem.

What are the MYTHS about flappy vagina?

Myth # 1

Your vagina will be tight only if you are a virgin. It will loose its tightness once you will loose your virginity. This is not true.

The truth – You should understand that vaginal muscles loose their tightness only when the pelvic floor muscles get stretched. When pelvic muscles are stretched, your vagina looks as if it is folded. Your vagina loses the look of a normal vagina.

Myth #2

Too much sex causes vaginal loosening. It is not true.

The truth – It is true that your vaginal walls open and loosen a bit when you feel aroused but it will return to its original vagina shape and size once the feeling of arousal comes to an end or after having intercourse.

What are the real causes of loose vagina walls?

  1. Age

When you are in your adolescence your estrogen level is at the peak. Once you start aging, the estrogen level starts to decline. Estrogen is responsible for the female traits and the health of reproductive organs in a woman. It is responsible for the growth of breasts, for the firmness of breasts and for toning up of vaginal muscles etc. As you get older and as your estrogen level drops, your vagina starts to lose its tightness and elasticity; your breasts start to sag and your vagina starts to become dry. Age plays an important factor in vaginal looseness.

  1. Multiple births

Facing problem of loose pussy after your little baby? Find out how to make your pussy tighter again after giving birthIt is believed that a woman loses the vaginal tightness as soon as she gives birth to a baby. It is not so. If you are young, say, in your early twenties the chances of your vagina returning back to the normal vagina size are high. If you have given birth to only one or two babies, your vagina will be good looking vagina and will be tight vagina even after child birth. It may take a few months for the vaginal rejuvenation process to be complete but you will surely regain the tightness. You may lose vaginal tightness due to multiple births and vaginal delivery when you are in your thirties, forties and fifties.

  1. Medical issues

Very rarely, medical issues like loose cervix may lead to loosening of vagina. Make sure you don’t come to a conclusion without consulting your gynecologist.

What are the most effective ways to tighten vagina?

Myth #1– Some women believe that avoiding sexual intercourse for a few months will help their vagina to become tight again. This is a myth and not a fact. In fact, restraining from intercourse for a long period of time will loosen your vagina further and will not help in tightening loose vagina.

Myth #2 – Surgery is the only way to tighten vagina – This is another myth. You can tighten your vagina naturally without surgery.

Do you want to know how to tighten vagina naturally without surgery?

Kegel vaginal tightening exercises

This is named after Dr. Kegel, who popularized them. The exercises involve tightening of pelvic muscles. It takes a few months to deliver results. It needs a lot of patience and persistent efforts.

Contraction exercises

Lie on your back in a relaxed posture with no tension in your muscles. Inhale, tighten your vagina and hold your breath with your vagina tightened as long as you can. Then exhale and relax. Repeat this for 10 times. You can do this whenever you get time.

Vagina tightening gels

These are natural products containing herbal ingredients for tightening vagina. There are several products and how to find the right vaginal tightening gel that works? V Tight Gel is one of the vaginal tightening creams that work.

You can try it for yourselves because it is safe to use. It tightens your vagina instantly in a few minutes of application. V Tight Gel comes with a money back offer and is worth a try.

Vagina tightening pills

Herbal pills with natural ingredients are the best and safest to use!They are natural vaginal tightening capsules manufactured using natural ingredients. Not all of the pills to tighten your vagina available online are effective. Only those pills that contain the right ingredients of high quality are effective.

One of the most effective natural vag tightening capsules is Vagifirm. It is beneficial in many ways because of its highly effective ingredients. Its money back offer assures you that the money spent on it is not wasted. Vagifirm is also worth a try.

What can you do to avoid vaginal looseness?

To avoid looseness of vagina, you should try to avoid the causes of loose vagina walls like late child birth and multiple child births. However, natural aging cannot be postponed. You can do Kegel exercises regularly to avoid loosening of vagina in your old age.

Instead of going for bank breaking surgery and side effects causing estrogen therapy, you should opt for natural ways to get a tighter vagina. Vaginal looseness can be taken care of easily. It is not something to feel stressed. Buy the right natural vaginal tightening products as early as possible.

Causes of loose vagina walls - Do vaginas get loose? Main causes of loosening of vaginas, what you can do to avoid looseness of vag and how to make it tighter again safely! Most effective ways to make pussy tight naturally that work without surgery
Causes of loose vagina walls

Do vaginas get loose? What can you do to make a loose vagina tighter again?